Forbes: Bill Gates Is the Richest Person in America (Again)

23 straight years. Not bad.

For the 23rd straight year, Forbes has named Bill Gates the richest person in America. Gates’ net worth of $81 billion was good enough to once again earn him the top spot on the Forbes 400.

While it was business as usual for the No. 1 spot, there was a change to the runner-up. Jeff Bezos ($67 billion) has supplanted Warren Buffett ($65 billion) in the No. 2 spot for the first time in 15 years.

We know you’re wondering about Donald Trump. Despite his claims that he’s worth $10 billion, Forbes put it at more like $3 billion. Trump’s fortune declined by a whopping $800 million since last year’s Forbes 400. He’s now just the 157th richest person in the nation. Sad!