For your consideration: Faizon Love, Best Supporting Actor, Just My Luck

It is not hard to imagine such an ad– indeed every winter Variety and Hollywood Reporter would be double-sided mimeographs without such page size sentiment filling their coffers. But as Nikki Finke points out while delving a bit deeper into the New York Times advertorial on Fox’s jihad on perks, that reliable old revenue source for our beloved trades may finally stop laying golden eggs.

The Fox duo also are refusing to take out so-called ‘vanity ads’ at awards time. (That’s when the trades carry those “For Your Consideration” contractually dictated ads for performances that don’t have a prayer of winning anything but derision.) I’m told that, in fact, the trades in desperation have gone to Gianopoulos and Rothman with charts showing what every studio pays for ads at awards time and complaining how Fox is consistently at the bottom. But the duo don’t care.

‘Don’t care?’ Ouch. Truth is it that Fox — even more so then it’s competitors — has been out of the buisiness of making the kinds of films that require such treatment. Oh I’m sorry, I’m forgetting Aquamarine.

Anyhow when that Variety reporter is a little slower reaching for that corporate Am Ex this fall, you can thank Rothman and Gianopoulis for helping to derail the ‘For Your Consideration’ gravy train. Personally I am still blaming them for Brett Ratner’s massive ego, which even after the Last Stand perilous box office freefall, has still been blocking out the sun on most of the west side.