For WK12, Life Is Good


When we opened our copy of Good, a sweet new publication based here in LA, it was the masthead that first caught our eye: alongside James Surowiecki, Neal Pollack and Joel Stein, we found Tamara Shopsin, Peter Arkle, and six drop-dead gorgeous graphic explorations by 2×4 (those you gotta see in print).

But what struck us most was this, a graphic statement which will be crafted by a designer or artist for each issue. This time it was WK 12, and Jimm Lasser explains exactly how one does go about creating a graphic statement:

GOOD asked us to create the first two spreads of their first issue around the theme of “I Heart America.” We were free to do whatever we wanted, which made the job creatively even more difficult. Not only was the subject matter broad and divisive, but execution was as well.

All of us dug in for weeks. We went through hundreds of ideas, thoughts and sketches. In the end we actually presented about 20 ideas. They narrowed it to 2 spreads for the issue.

We are still hoping to find a place for the other stuff that did not make the first issue, but we were happy to make their decision so difficult.

Personally, this was the most difficult project I have undertaken. It was creative trench warfare. It followed me everywhere. My sleep, the shower, the kitchen, the gym. And I actually do love America, and have enjoyed playing this out with Sharp As Toast. But putting this love into so few words and images was truly a monumental task. And to make things even more “interesting,” this was the first project of WK 12–we’re also a school–so we were really thrown into the fire early with a very difficult subject matter.

I was really impressed with the body of work we created. It had the most important ingredient when discussing America: a point of view. An important lesson as WK 12 gropes its way to understanding how to effectively communicate ideas.

Much has been said about the philantropic nature of Good’s business model. But we’re subscribing to support its dedication to design patronage. That’s reason enough for you to buy it, too.