For the Love of Chrome and Tail Fins

We just ran across this group of finalists and winners from the ’06 Michelin Challenge Design (wouldn’t that be better as “Design Challenge”?). There’s some really terrific work here in this large gallery, with each concept design getting the full treatment, with the names of the design firms, the country of origins, very thorough write-ups about each. All really cool. Though, have you noticed that every single concept car since around 1952 has kinda looked like these? They either look like they just got off the set of Tron and the designers wrote up briefs that just had two words: “rounded corners.” We’re not complaining at all, just find that funny. Come see our stand-up act for more of this riotous material. Here’s some on our favorite, The Farming Pick-Up Truck:

Alexei Gontsov, 23, just completed a degree in Industrial Design from the Technical University of Moldova, Kishinev in the Republic of Moldova: The Purpose of my project was to create a comfortable pickup truck that is suitable to carry cargo for agricultural necessities. The pickup would be able to transport four to five passengers. Pickup trucks have been popular for many years but over the last several years, the demand for specific needs has increased. The Farming pickup truck is very practical in work, but models with increased by salon can rightfully be identified the household car. The truck also would allow to carry animals.