For Sale: Unofficial T-Shirt Bearing Facebook Unlike

This unremarkable t-shirt bearing an unlike icon may not remain on sale for long, but once Facebook's legal team gets the seller to cease and desist, said garment might become a collector's item.

Unofficial Facebook novelty items tend not to remain on sale for long, and this t-shirt is no different from legions of others that don’t have company approval.

We asked the seller of this t-shirt, Dev Gupta, why he chose the word “meh” — we didn’t even bother asking why the word Facebook wasn’t on the shrit — but suspect the answer has to do with legal concerns. But that’s still not enough to prevent the inevitable cease-and-desist letter.

Of course, Facebook doesn’t have an unlike button, but the resemblance to the social network’s official iconography is close enough to get attorneys fired up.

We fully expect the social network’s legal team to send a cease-and-desist letter to Gupta. It’s a matter of when, not whether.

So while Gupta’s t-shirt is cute, it won’t be available for long at the current price of $15. We wonder whether some time after Gupta ceases and desists, people who managed to buy his product will subsequently flip them on eBay for a lot more money.

Readers, would you want to wear a shirt bearing a thumbs-down resembling the Facebook like icon, only meaning unlike?