For Immediate Release Fridays; Special Charity Edition!


(American Idol Raises a Heap of Cash for Charity While Jerks Protest)

For Immediate Release Fridays was designed to highlight the age-old strategy of releasing news on Friday night with every intention of burying it so the press wouldn’t bother. We fully realize the folly of such strategy in the era of the Interpipes, so we included releases that are either funny, or just badly timed.

This one is classic. Two full days after the fact, a pro-life organization which I will neither mention, nor link to, with a director I will not name, is protesting American Idol’s single evening charity haul of over $60 million dollars.

Said “organization” is protesting such “immoral” charities as the Children’s Defense Fund, Malaria No More, and Save the Children. Terrible, selfish people like Bono, Reese Witherspoon and Paul Simon are involved in the evildoing!

Please condemn the following charities with every extra cent you have to give:

Children’s Defense Fund
Children’s Health Fund
Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria
Make it Right
Malaria No More
Save the Children