For Immediate Release Fridays


I’m running somewhat late on this edition of For Immediate Release Fridays due to a vacation. Luckily, the only burried bad news you have to worry about this week is some undeclared dairy in that ready-made garlic bread at the supermarket. There’s also the expected flurry of activity surrounding the big Supreme Court decision so I thought I’d include a release about that.

Also please note, the Avenue Q song “The Internet is for Porn” seems to be correct. The investment exchange for porn business is red, red, red hot:

Stop & Shop and Giant issue voluntary recall of garlic bread

Gun totin’ second Amendment Foundation up in arms over a Chicago Trib editorial which characterizes the amendment as an anachronism

And for those considering plunking money in to social networking startups, look not to Silicon Valley, rather the San Fernando. AdultVest, a financial services company focused on the adult entertainment sector, awarded the Hedge Fund Launch of the Year