For Immediate Release Fridays


(Yangon, Myanmar after the cyclone via Doctors Without Borders)

In absence of the usual buried bad news on Friday of things like toy & food recalls, and Nasdaq violations, this edition of For Immediate Release Fridays highlights five releases of the good work being done for the very bad disaster in Burma/Myanmar.

The name Burma vs. Myanmar is an interesting communication story in itself. The military junta changed the name to Myanmar in 1989. You’ll notice some pundits and heads of state refuse to use the M-word. While the U.N. recognizes it, many western countries including the U.S. do not. The E.U. uses “Burma/Myanmar”

Myanmar Relief Fund: California Relief Organization Bypasses Bureaucratic Barriers, Has Aid Workers in Myanmar

Global Community Service Foundation to Aid Burma’s Youngest Cyclone Victims

Burma Humanitarian Aid Update from InterAction, the largest coalition of U.S.-based humanitarian and development agencies

Salvation Army Relief Efforts Ongoing Locally In Myanmar

UNICEF REPORT: Desperate Conditions for Children in Camps Without Clean Water as Cyclone Aftermath Worsens