For Flying Logos, the Sky’s the Limit

Look, up in the sky, it’s thousands of pink soap bubbles shaped like that little Kirby guy from Nintendo games! Such was the reaction of onlookers at Kirby Middle School in Birmingham, Alabama last fall, when Nintendo celebrated the launch of a new video game featuring the fighting pink puffball by filling the sky with giant Kirby logos. They were “Flogos,” floating concoctions of soap-based foam and helium developed by SnowMasters. The company has branded the sky with Flogos for clients such as Mercedes-Benz, Sheraton, McDonald’s, and Method organic cleaning products (yup, Flogos are environmentally friendly).

Among SnowMasters’ latest Flogos was a distinctively spiked capital “A” wearing a halo—a foamy version of the Anaheim Angels logo ordered up for the team’s opening day. The two- and three-foot-wide bubble clouds were a crowd pleaser, at least for a while. “At the Angels game, wind gusts of 19 mph tore some of the Flogos into unintelligible cloud pieces, and the sun melted others,” notes Alana Semuels in today’s Los Angeles Times. Which raises the question: can Flogos be used at indoor events? Indeed, assures the company’s website, and “with very entertaining results. Generally, the higher the ceiling, the better the effect.”