Football, Muppets, Angry Birds, Subway, Adele, Hyundai and More on This Week’s Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages

Football (soccer), popular films, games like Texas Hold’em Poker and Angry Birds, Subway and Burger King, Hyundai, Adele and more made our list of the fastest growing Facebook Pages by Likes. Holiday marketing figured somewhat into the growth, in the sense that companies were promoting deals and specials. Pages on our list this week grew from between 214,000 to 581,300 Likes. We compile this list with our PageData tool, which tracks Page growth across Facebook.

NameLikesDaily GrowthWeekly Growth
1.  Die Nationalmannschaft951,980-185+581,322
2.  Titanic13,486,119+57,296+409,479
3.  قناة العربية Al Arabiya1,333,518+1,268+351,134
4.  facebook realesed the new Dislike Button™! Add it Now!! not a fake!445,3510+333,025
5.  Te quiero ♥… Ver BIEN lejos 😀408,752+61,101+296,513
6.  Adele9,491,764+46,668+287,707
7.  FC Barcelona23,423,716+48,074+286,188
8.  Texas Hold’em Poker53,934,576+32,704+276,654
9.  Hyundai Worldwide1,404,545+27,390+239,694
10.  Subway9,032,453+2,928+234,045
11.  I Love My Daughter723,308-1,529+230,356
12.  Los Muppets752,754+35,761+228,970
13.  Harry Potter37,523,351+28,698+228,578
14.  Angry Birds10,645,394+34,310+226,121
15.  Real Madrid C.F.22,223,150+28,537+223,832
16.  UNO4,848,936+6,305+222,803
17.  Burger King2,184,540+2,990+222,215
18.  Titanic11,227,374+29,021+219,590
19.  Cristiano Ronaldo37,102,147+27,490+219,037
20.  The Twilight Saga26,718,959+27,321+213,969

Die Nationalmannschaft topped the list of sports teams on our list with 581,300 Likes to 952,000, then FC Barcelona with 286,200 Likes to pass 23.4 million, Real Madrid C.F. with 223,800 Likes to grow to 22.2 million and  Cristiano Ronaldo with 219,000 Likes, for a total of 37.1 million, made the list. These Pages all promoted sports teams, players and related events.

Movies that made our list included “Titanic” the Community Page with 409,500 Likes to 13.4 million, “Los Muppets” with 229,000 Likes to 752,800 Likes, “Harry Potter” with 228,600 Likes for a total of 37.5 million, “Titanic” the Page with 219,600 Likes to 11.2 million and “The Twilight Saga” with 214,000 Likes to 26.7 million. These Pages promoted showtimes, merchandise and more on their Pages using videos, photos and other links.

Games that made our list included Texas Hold’em Poker with 276,700 Likes and a total of 53.9 million, Angry Birds with 226,100 Likes to grow to 10.6 million and UNO with 222,800 and 4.8 million total. The Pages promoted different game-related deals, for example Angry Birds promoted deals with Barnes and Noble and Toys “R” Us. Food companies with discounts also made the list. Subway grew by 234,000 Likes to 9 million promoting discounted and free sandwiches and Burger King grew by 222,200 Likes to 2.1 million with a free fries and gift card giveaway.

The rest of the list included Dubai news TV channel  ناة العربية Al Arabiya grew by 351,100 Likes to 1.3 million, facebook realesed the new Dislike Button™! Add it Now!! not a fake! by 333,000 Likes to 445,400, Te quiero ♥… Ver BIEN lejos 😀 by 296,500 to grow to 408,800 Likes,  Adele by 287,700 Likes to 9.4 million, Hyundai Worldwide has been publishing photos of new vehicles to grow by 239,700 Likes to 1.4 million and I Love My Daughter by 230,400 Likes to 723,300.