Football Fans Are Going Even Bigger Toward Mobile Than You Probably Think

Sports sites see 100% traffic lift among on-the-go consumers

We knew going into this season that fantasy football diehards were probably going to be glued to their smartphones and tablets like never before.

But now that the actual numbers are in, the year-over-year growth in the space last month should still get marketers' attention, with publishers such as Sports Illustrated, CBS Sports and Sporting News seeing triple-digit percentage jumps, per comScore's October data.

What's more, the Reston, Va.-based researcher found that desktop traffic dropped across the board. ESPN (down 10 percent), Sports Illustrated (down 15 percent) and Sporting News (down 25 percent) saw the biggest year-over-year dips, indicating a shrinking number of people are tethered to their home or work computers.

Check out the charts below.