Foodspotting Lite for Android: Geo-Photo App for Mobile Foodies

I enjoy taking photos of my food. It is something I often do while traveling to help remember good interesting meals. A couple of years ago I started taking photos of my lunches. My friends and co-workers were mostly amused by this harmless quirk. It turned out to be sometimes useful for them when I started posting the photos along with where the food came from on a blog for my co-workers at my former workplace since they often asked what I had for lunch and where it came from.

So, imagine my amusement when I started reading articles about other people who took photos of their meals and then an entire popular website that focused on the topic. The site is Android smartphone users who have a similar interesting in photographing their meals and sharing information about it can now download the new free app from the site.

Foodspotting Lite 0.0.1

Yes, that 0.0.1 version number is a bit worrisome. However, the app is free. So, it doesn’t cost anything to try it. Note that there are a couple of comments the app’s Android Market description page.

Via Mashable