Foodmento Meal Discovery Social Network Launches on iOS

foodmento 650

Foodmento has announced the release of its mobile app on iOS devices, which aims to give users a one-stop-shop for organizing, discovering and sharing the best dishes around, while also connecting people with similar tastes. Using Foodmento, users can search for and recommend dishes around the world, or stick close to home via location tracking. Each restaurant has its own information page, while each dish can be rated, added to lists, and so on.

foodmentoAfter creating an account, Foodmento users are encouraged to search for their favorite dishes at restaurants around the world. Given the app’s new availability, many restaurants may not have tagged dishes, but users can add them manually.

Foodies can go one step further, uploading pictures of meals, marking the date they tried specific dishes, and giving them a general rating of “love, like, fail” or “have again.” Dishes can be added to a want list, so users can keep track of dishes they’d like to try, and all of this content goes to the user’s profile in specific lists.

In cases where users simply wish to discover food, they can browse by city, cuisine or restaurant type (like Chinese food or cocktail bars), price and more. Dishes provide links back to the serving restaurants, and users can leave tips for specific meals with information for other users.

Foodmento users can follow and befriend others within the app, viewing their loved lists, their want lists, their check-in history to restaurants and more. The more users interact with each other, the more recommendations they can share with one another, based on the tastes they’ve discovered.

“We created Foodmento as a mobile platform not just for people to discover new favorite foods, but to allow them to document their experiences, keep record of their favorite dishes and places and easily recommend them to friends,” says Jeffrey Woo, founder of Foodmento. “The world’s best dishes, including ones loved by your friends, should be accessible to you on your phone, wherever you are. Our vision is to empower people to order with confidence and to try something new every day.”

During its beta period, Foodmento users aggregated over 15,000 dishes in over 40 cities and 3,500 businesses. The most popular cities at launch include New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. International locations have also proven to be popular, including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok and Tokyo.

Foodmento is available to download for free on iOS.