Foodily Facebook Application Makes Recipes Social

Foodily launched a recipe network on Facebook.

What’s the recipe for success in social media? Foodily hopes to reach a consensus on ingredients with the launch of a cooking application on Facebook .

Foodily said its recipe index mines content from hundreds of sites, including mainstream food sites such a and independent blogs, and its Facebook app allows users to examine recipes for the same dish side-by-side.

Users can also sort and follow recipes by favorite cooking styles, dietary requirements, celebrities, and chefs.

You can also compare recipes’ ingredients, calories, fat content, and nutritional values, at the same time tapping into advice from Facebook friends, or users of the social network with similar culinary interests.

Like most Facebook content, recipes can be liked, shared, and commented on.

Foodily Chief Executive Officer Andrea Cutright said:

Eating is one of the most social things we do every day. People want to use their friends and family to figure out what to cook, and it’s clear that Facebook is the place where so many of these conversations are happening. This release brings Foodily even closer to that community with an “on-canvas” experience tailored to Facebook.

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