Food & Wine Tries to Mop Up Top Chef Leakage


Food & Wine is pretending that they didn’t spaz yesterday by posting a spoiler interview with the winner of Bravo’s Top Chef. From the site:

Yesterday, an intrepid reality tv fan found a Top Chef story on Food & Wine’s server. Food & Wine prepared profiles of both Top Chef finalists in advance of the last episode so that we had a story on the winner ready to publish immediately after the season finale.

How intrepid must one be to type in their url? There’s no Wayback Machine involved here. And as FBLA knows full well, glossy magazines regularly assign two stories to cover all contingencies: Presidental races, Best Picture Oscars, you name it.

Eater LA thinks for a minute that it could be a fiendishly brilliant plan:

F&W did the whole leak thing on purpose to see how rabid everyone would get over a supposed spoiler and watched as the fan base spun itself into a tizzy before the finale.

But it’s not, and we all know it.