Food & Wine Launches Rad Brand Targeting Rad Millennials

Who wants to party??? [Insert guitar riff here] That’s the question Food & Wine seems to be asking with the launch of its new site, FWx. The brand promises to be “a guide to before you go out, when you are out, and glorious recovery.”

FWx is clearly meant to appeal to millennials, though it does so in a comical way. First of all, that name. FWx? Is that supposed to be funny? Because it’s hilarious. Perhaps adding an ‘x” to a name somehow tricks 20 somethings into thinking it’s worthwhile. If so, then party on, FWx.

Then there’s the site’s content. The first two articles on FWx are headlined “Will It Smear? Gummi Bear Armageddon” and “This White Boy Raps About Food. Any Questions?” The former is a video of a blowtorch melting gummi bears, the latter is a video of a guy delivering rhymes like “Content rich like butter, as the world churns / I got that dry ice flow, so cold that it burns.” Sigh.

FWx is so bad it’s mentally exhausting. We’re not sure if the editors at Food & Wine realize this or not, but it is possible to target millennials without going over the top like this. There really are some 25 year olds out there who don’t speak in gifs. But we guess there are some that do, too. For them, FWx will be a tubular addition to their lives.