Food Lion Gets into LEED Greening


Originally coming from Arizona and now in Chicago, this writer has led a life of quiet envy, wishing he lived in a place with interesting grocery store names. Jewel? Bashas? Safeway? Blah, all of them. We want the thrill that comes with a Piggly Wiggly or a King Soopers. We can’t even imagine how exciting it must be to buy milk and dog food at places like those. And making one sustainable? Now you’re blowing our minds. It’s been a slow but steady march toward going green, but following the first grocery store, PCC Natural Markets (boring name), to earn Gold LEED certification back in 2007, then a Platinum LEED just this week in Maine at the Hannaford Supermarket (also a very boring), the Food Lion chain has announced that they are jumping on the greening bandwagon and will be constructing their first LEED-certified store in Columbia, South Carolina, which will open later this year. Food Lion, of course, is the greatest name ever because it makes you picture a) a lion who brings you food or b) a lion who is made out of food. Either way: awesome. And now that it’s going LEEDy, we’re going to go buy a map and find out where Columbia, South Carolina is because we’re moving there as soon as that sucker opens.