Food Fights, Photos and Viral Sweepstakes Reach This Week’s List of Facebook’s Top Gaining Apps by Daily Active Users

Games often dominate this weekly AppData list of top gaining Facebook apps by new daily active users (DAU), but not so this week. As a category, games posted remarkably weak gains, so the top spots are all held by other app types.

However, take what you see with a grain of salt. Facebook has been experiencing some reporting problems recently, something the number one app, Slide FunSpace, gives perfect evidence of: despite its claimed gain of almost three million DAU, it’s unlikely the app has gained many new users at all of late, judging by the app’s number of monthly active users.

Luckily, most of the remaining apps appear to be trouble-free. Here’s the full list:

Top Gainers This Week
Name DAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1.icon Slide FunSpace3,080,289+2,896,432+94.03
2.icon Food Fight1,294,997+1,294,892+99.99
3.icon iHeart3,144,659+1,118,174+35.56
4.icon Photos I Love!1,219,765+1,083,697+88.84
5.icon Mobile6,667,292+667,792+10.02
6.icon Marketplace856,812+368,342+42.99
7.icon Static FBML1,615,595+342,057+21.17
8.icon Texas HoldEm Poker6,033,218+311,497+5.16
9.icon MindJolt Games2,853,133+234,366+8.21
10.icon Causes1,402,729+196,058+13.98
11.icon Facebook for BlackBerry® smartphones8,277,617+184,848+2.23
12.icon Movies422,123+134,450+31.85
13.icon SPP Ranch!216,500+123,019+56.82
14.icon Demande à tes Amis225,509+121,352+53.81
15.icon Facebook for iPhone13,809,315+117,335+0.85
16.icon Graffiti311,928+113,210+36.29
17.icon Tarjetitas249,700+108,032+43.26
18.icon Hero World365,729+107,157+29.30
19.icon Island Paradise2,075,752+106,337+5.12
20.icon My City Life461,588+106,307+23.03

Food Fight is brand new, at least under that name. But underneath the cafeteria brawling theme, it’s just another poke-style app, almost identical in operation to many others.

You can skip over iHeart and Photos I Love!, as their updated stats suggest that their DAU gains are fleeting. Mobile, the next app on the list at number five, grows pretty consistently, although it was nowhere to be seen last week.

Next up is Marketplace, Facebook’s default classifieds app. We’ve been watching it rapidly pick up new users with a sweepstakes that it’s running for prizes that are, honestly, pretty low in value (smartphones, gaming systems, etc.) in proportion to the number of users streaming in for a chance at winning them..

But it’s not the value of the prize that’s bringing in more would-be-winners. We took a moment to check out the app, and found that it’s offering a nice little bribe to entrants: bring in more friends, and your chances to win increase.

Finally, Static FBML, the app for using custom HTML on Facebook, is continuing the steady growth it has enjoyed for several weeks. If nothing else, this app’s success is proof that modified Pages are becoming more common on Facebook.