Food 2.0: Interactive restaurant reviews and recipes

Every mainstream newspaper and food magazine has a treasure trove of restaurant reviews and/or recipes that are, at the most, archived or stashed in a shoe box by some homely octogenarian. Its time to dust off those clips and put them to good use.

Instead of forcing readers to recall a restaurant they read some time ago, create an online database of your restaurant reviews. Maps would come in handy here especially if they are searchable by location and categorized by food type, atmosphere, price, etc. Yelp does this quite well (better than most media outlets anyway) for restaurants across the country. Both include both editorial and user reviews as well as photos and maps.

While we’re on the subject of food, the tons and tons of recipes that have been written over the years are often sitting in the news library somewhere. It’s time to put them online, and because this a multimedia world, why not show your readers how to make those recipes? The L.A. Times building includes a test kitchen where all the recipes were cooked before they were printed. If you have such a space, or even a presentable kitchen, get a camera in there and show em how its done. uses video to show its visitors how to butterfly a chicken, poach an egg and pimp a burger (?)

A great YouTube cooking lesson from Cooking with Kids in the video below:

Foodieview tackles both restaurant reviews and recipes in an elegant, well-organized way. The site also features a blog and makes use of widgets and Google Maps.