Fontself Allows Facebook Users to Chat, With Fonts That Use Their Own Handwriting

Fontself is a new Facebook application and stand alone website that allows users to create their own fonts, or even use their own handwriting, when chatting, using email or blogging. The app is available for email clients, Facebook, Yahoo, Myspace, Netlog, Blogger and in html format in many languages, including: English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish and more.

Once a Facebook user installs the app, there are dozens of fonts from which to choose during chat. The app only works, of course, if the user is chatting. Initiating a chat using Fontself immediately curtails the native Facebook chatting, but does post a link to the app so friends may join the user. Most of the fonts provided by Fontself include accompanying emoticons that match the style of the font.

If you are the only one using Fontself, you can use all manner of fonts and emoticons, but the person you’re chatting with may not. The display on the Fontself app shows up with whatever fonts are being used, but the other users’ text is just plain. Users of Fontself may use the fonts provided, or create their own.

Installing the app on Facebook is easy enough, but the road to creating one’s own font may be cumbersome. First, you must use Facebook Connect or otherwise register for the website and create an account. You name your font, then are taken to a screen with a big grid; the grid turns out to be a piece of paper the user must print out and transfer the new font onto. In other words, the way you create a new font with Fontself is you print a piece of paper, write the corresponding symbol in your new font in each square, scan it and upload it to Fontself, then edit the font and then finally you can use it.

This seems pretty cumbersome, but there are dozens of custom-made fonts available for perusal on the Fontself website in case you want to . The company also recently released a Fontself Mobile app.