Following The Source Story

source_benzino_free.jpgWhile we were ensconsed in the desert sucking down cigars with mogul-y magaziners, there was some movement in the story of embattled hip-hop bible the Source. Namely, a settlement in a sexual harrassment case involving a former editor and its founders:

  • After a tumultuous two-week trial, Kimberly Osorio, a former editor in chief, won a workplace lawsuit against the popular hip-hop monthly, and a Manhattan jury awarded her $15.5 million.
  • Osorio: “Hip-hop is a very respectable art form and a lot of times, we see the negative images of women portrayed in hip-hop. I hope that this case is significant in that people will understand that that’s not what hip-hop represents.”
  • Defendants David Mays and Raymond Scott will appeal.
  • Osorio’s not worried that the magazine known as the hip-hop bible is in bankruptcy or that creditors are lining up like music lovers at a concert.
  • Osorio mulling a tell-all memoir about her tenure.


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