Following the Famous with Fantapper

While we’re familiar with Brand Affinity Technologies (BAT), the platform that connects brands with athletes for sponsorships, we only just noticed they’ve developed a  tool called Fantapper that could be quite useful for the PR industry.   BAT’s original offering solved a onerous problem for brands with its massive clearinghouse of athletes, complete with “affinity metrics” and the tools to quickly identify and license the right talent for the job.

Fantapper on the other hand, attempts to make it much easier to know everything about a celebrity or athlete, in real time.  With either a browser plug-in or iPhone/iPad app, content is aggregated from news sites, YouTube, Twitter, Wikipedia, iTunes, and tons of others all in one place.  Dragging and dropping the buttons within allows you to see as much or as little as you want.  If you look at BAT’s video below, you’ll see it clearly benefits publishers too: time-on-site goes way up since you’re still on the publisher’s page but within the plug-in.

By working with Fantapper, celebrities can also control what they feed and give a little extra attention to things like smaller photo ops, or causes that might not bubble up so easily otherwise.  It appears you can add bold-face names not already tracked by highlighting and selecting “FT.”

[h/t CNBC]