19-Year-Old Wins House For Following Venezuelan President On Twitter

Trying to convince folks to try out Twitter? Here’s a great reason: There are crazy rich, famous and powerful people on there and sometimes they give things away to followers. It’s true.

In April we told you about William Shatner taking his one millionth follower to dinner – and now we have this. A free house just for following a political figure on Twitter.

Yes, the world is crazy.

Rumored to be heavily medicated as he undergoes cancer treatments, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez did two extreme things this weekend. He banned all private gun sales in Venezuela and he gave away a house to his three millionth Twitter follower.

The hand gun ban, though extreme, is said to be in response to violent crime in his country. It limits hand guns to police and military forces.

The house giveaway is another story. Some people are pretty ticked about it, asking how it’s okay for him to give away a house that was built with public funds for someone’s political support on Twitter.

And who is @nataliaval7 anyway? She’s 19-year-old, Natalia Valdivies0 from Margarita Island. But who is she beyond that?

Lives with her mommy. And her daddy (saw the Dad referenced in another tweet). And she’s very happy, of course.

And as you can see, according to her Twitter, she wasn’t the only person who received a new home. Though we’re guessing those other folks had to submit a bit more paperwork that she did.

So what do you think of this? Yay for her? Boo for him? Or ‘where can I find my own whack-a-doo rich person?’

(Free house image from Shutterstock)