FOLLOW-UP: Not-so-fast on Hallmark’s GLAAD Card and ‘Fun’ Sweater

cat deck the halls
This would have been better.

Yesterday, I used a stepladder to get my hamhocks poised upon my soapbox so everyone could hear me wail about Hallmark’s decision to destroy Christmas folklore in the scope of being politically correct.

Evidently, I wasn’t the only one who thought “Deck the Halls” shouldn’t be jacked with as social media blew up and Hallmark caught the back hand of a collective slap to its wallet, according to The Consumerist. The writer shares Facebook commentators got all over the card shop’s page with these vitriolic posts:

Shame on you Hallmark. Better start figuring out what you’re going to do with all of those GAY sweaters when they don’t sell.

What’s the matter with Hallmark, changing the Christmas carol to “Don we now our FUN apparel”? Are you worried gays would flock in the thousands to buy your sweater so you’d run out of stock by, oh, November 2? You’re so silly.

“It’s OK to be GAY!! Fix your dumb ornament!”

Shame on you for the new Christmas ornament where you alter the words to ‘Deck the Halls”. It is not politically correct to do so, it is lunacy. Do we ban the word gay from the English language because today it has an additional meaning? Grow up people.

So, that’ll show you for screwing with Santa and Baby Jesus, Hallmark. And, just like Moses coming down from Mount Sinai, the cracked marketing crew at Hallmark got the word and issued this contrived apology:

“We’ve been surprised at the wide range of reactions expressed about the change of lyrics on this ornament, and we’re sorry to have caused so much concern. We never intend to offend or make political statements with our products and in hindsight, we realize we shouldn’t have changed the lyrics on the ornament.”

MEMO for Hallmark: Not all ideas concocted in the shower are worth the water swirling down the drain. As for the what else is swirling, how’s that holiday profit looking now? Better now that the fun idea has been taken down from the website, I’ll bet.