Follow the White House on Twitter, 8 Different Ways (Plus One!)

The White House is proud of its Twitter presence, and wants the citizens of America to know it. It recently published a blog post on the official White House Blog outlining the eight Twitter accounts that fall under the White House banner.

The eight White House Twitter accounts are supposed to give citizens different views into the Obama administration – but the list on the White House blog doesn’t mention the Commander-in-Chief’s own account, @BarackObama, which boasts a staggering 5,900,000 followers and dwarfs the other White House feeds in comparison.

The most popular of the eight official Twitter accounts that the White House did mention is @whitehouse, which has nearly 1,900,000 followers. This account Tweets about daily life at the White House, and has a twin account, of sorts, in @lacasablanca for Spanish-speaking Americans.

Next on the list is the Press Secretary Robert Gibbs’ Twitter account @PressSec, which has over 115,000 followers – the Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton’s @billburton44 account has 16,000.

Next comes Chief Official White House Photographer Pete Souza (@petesouza). Over 7,000 people are interested in seeing his Tweets, which often include official pictures of the President, his family, diplomats and Presidential events.

One of the accounts that interests us the most is @macon44, the Twitter account for New Media Director Macon Phillips. While only about 4,000 people follow his account, he’s the face for all new media initiatives – including the Twitter presence – that the White House undertakes.

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (@whitehouseostp) is next with an impressive 108,000 followers.

The last official White House Twitter feed is the Open Government Initiative Twitter feed at @OpenGov, with about 117,000 followers.