Follow the Bearded Man Into Space…In Comfort and Style!

0927spaceship.jpg, which we read every morning to make sure that there aren’t any planet-killing asteroids headed our way, has just released a really interesting story somewhat about the interior design of Richard Branson’s SpaceShipTwo, the first of Virgin Galatic’s mighty fleet, a sample of which is up now at NextFest in New York. We’ve got to say, it looks pretty nifty, especially with the abundance of black lights used. We know, personally, looking at anything we had on that’s white and glowing because of them would take our minds of hurdling into the cosmos at a billion miles per hour (“Look at my shoelaces! That’s so awesome!”).

Future passengers aboard Virgin Galactic spaceliners can look forward to cushioned reclining seats and lots of windows during suborbital flights aboard SpaceShipTwo, a concept interior of which was unveiled by British entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson Thursday.

“It won’t be much different than this,” Branson told reporters here at Wired Magazine’s NextFest forum. “It’s strange to think that in 12 months we’ll be unveiling the actual plane, and then test flights will commence right after that.”