8 Profiles That Follow More Than A Million People On Twitter [STATS]

How many people do you follow on Twitter? Fifty? A couple of hundred? A few thousand, maybe?
It’s totally your choice, of course, but one thing that’s true is that as you follow more and more people Twitter becomes exponentially harder to manage.
Indeed, it’s my personal belief that nobody needs to follow more than a few hundred accounts. They have to be the right accounts, of course – and as always, that’s right for you – but if you’re selective and prune your network regularly, you can get everything you need from less than 500 follows. Sometimes, a lot less. And if your follows number get much higher than that, certainly into the thousands, Twitter can easily become a bit of a mess.
So: can you just imagine what it looks like if you’re following more than a million people?
Chaotic, one would imagine, but that doesn’t stop folks from doing it. Indeed, there are now 8 profiles who follow more than 1 million users on Twitter, led by @ArabicBest, which, at the time of writing, is following a hefty 1,388,503 accounts.
Of interest: five of the eight profiles following a million or more users are Arabic accounts. And one is Yoko Ono. Here’s your list.
1. @ArabicBest (1,388,503 following)
2. @hootsuite (1,295,159)
3. @TheArabHash (1,260,889)
4. @VenGalL (1,178,792)
5. @Asr3Follow (1,085,181)
6. @IAMPHILLYCHASE (1,063,352)
7. @3LCHBOSAHAM (1,138,417)
8. @yokoono (1,003,232)
(Source: Twitter Counter.)