Foer’s Mission

Jack Shafer has some advice for new TNR editor in chief Franklin Foer:

    Don’t try to bring back the “Kinsley era.” Make the magazine about ideas, but don’t break icons for the sake of being iconoclastic, which is another way of saying, “Don’t think anybody is going to be impressed because they’re encountering a Weekly Standard idea in your pages.”

Shafer thinks that, under Peter Beinart, the magazine became a “Joe Lieberman Weekly: daring in its audacity but of more interest to Republicans than Democrats, the magazine’s traditional constituency.” He also thinks that it’s too focused on Israel and has sapped much of the fun writing and reporting out of its young writers.

“My prayer for Foer is that he edit the New Republic as if he’s going to be fired tomorrow, because tomorrow always comes sooner than you think.”

(And was David Carr’s article on TNR’s change of leadership written with “attitude“?)