FNC’s Bret Baier Makes Surprise Peace Offering to Media Matters Fellow

In a stunning turn of events, FNC’s Bret Baier saw it in his heart this week to unblock the Media Matters research fellow who has tried to sabotage the anchor’s weekly Twitter trivia contests to poke around about his FNC colleague Bill Sammon.

Eric Hananoki, the fellow, saw the trivia contests as an in to learning more about Sammon’s admission on tape that he pushed the sentiment President Obama is a socialist even though he doesn’t believe it. He also wanted to win the free FNC hat, tie or mug goddammit. But when he tagged on a question about Sammon onto a response and rightfully won the contest, Baier gave the prize to someone else and eventually blocked him. Ouch! The next week Hananoki tried again under a new handle: @SammonCmmntPlz. This week — and this is nothing short of a miracle — Baier unblocked him and allowed him into his Tuesday afternoon Trivia game.

“Maybe it’s sort of an olive branch,” Hananoki told FishbowlDC.

Hananoki has now changed his Twitter photograph to Sammon. He says he’ll follow Baier’s rules, one of which says all answers must pertain to his trivia topic only, which, so far, have included a toad sculpture outside the Defense Department and another about the State Department. “Sure, I’ll play by the rules & use this account as long as I’m unblocked,” said Hananoki. “Though I’ll use my Sammon profile pic unless that’s ruled illegal.”

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