FNC Insider: Shuster Facebook Page Would Not Fly at FNC


FishbowlDC reports that the Facebook page “Support David Shuster: Tell MSNBC He’s the Best” was not “encouraged or sanctioned” by the recently suspended MSNBC anchor.

Whether it can be linked to him or not, a former Fox News Channel PR staffer has emailed PRNewser to say this would never fly over at Mr. Murdoch’s media empire. According to the former staffer:

At Fox, no one could do anything publicly without Fox’s PR department’s consent. This mostly applied to interviews– if an on-air talent got a call for an interview, they’d have to OK with the PR department first. A Facebook page is a pretty blatant way to promote yourself– catch the title?

Here at PRNewser, we think Shuster would have a few more tactful ways of saving his job, which insiders tell us isn’t in jeopardy, than creating a Facebook page.

Meanwhile, TVNewser is covering the story non-stop.