FlyRights App Lets Flyers Report On TSA

Have you ever been harassed by TSA? Well now instead of just tweeting your frustration, you can actually complain directly to the government about it with a new app. Targeting Sikhs, Muslims, and Latinos, among others, FlyRights is an iOS and Android app created by the Sikh Coalition, that lets flyers file reports about bad TSA experiences.

The goal is to increase these types of complaints, and in turn affect change. Here is more from the press release: “According to the Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties at DHS, only 11 official complaints of improper TSA screening were filed during the first two quarters of 2011. The Sikh Coalition believes the app will exponentially increase the number of complaints filed, providing transparency on the extent of profiling at US airports.”

The app is also loaded with information about traveler’s rights. The LA Times has more: “The app appears to be not just reactive, but also proactive in providing travelers access to links to traveler rights and screening guidelines on the TSA’s website.”