FlyKly Wheel and App Turns Your Old Bicycle into Motorized E-Bike

FlyKly is a smart wheel and app that powers your bike, but think of it as a bike assistance. The electronic, motorized wheel replaces your old rear wheel, and brings biking power and controls to your smartphone which is attached to your handlebar. It’s perfect for urban cyclists who don’t want to shower, change clothes, or look too disheveled when biking to work or dinner. As a bonus, the phone to bike attachment doubles as a bike light and charger for your smartphone.

Since the wheel is rather pricey at $590, you’ll be happy to know it’s GPS enabled – just in case your wheel or bike gets stolen. A few years ago when my rear wheel and handlebar was stolen, the replacements cost just as much. I would have gladly upgraded to any wheel with GPS.


The Tech Specs:

Smart Wheel’s revolutionary motor is incredibly thin, light and efficient. With its 9 lbs (4 kg)it generates 250 W of power which is enough to push you up to 20 mph (25 km/h). This makes the whole wheel easy to ride and even carry up the stairs.

Smart Wheel’s 36V Lithium battery lasts for a range of up to 30 miles (50 km) when fully charged. It can be charged in 2-3 hours by connecting it to a charger and plugging it into the nearest wall socket. The battery also charges when you’re going above the desired speed, riding downhill or pedaling with the motor off. The life expectancy of the battery is around 1000 charging cycles.