Flying the Freundlich Skies


This writer isn’t the best flyer out there. He comes from a long line of pilots and even took some flight lessons way back when, but anymore, it takes a couple of drinks and popping some Xanax before he’ll hop onto a plane. But maybe it’s just because he’s flying in planes with interiors straight out of a “How Not to Design” article from 1968. He’d love to try out the new Airbus A350, whose interior was designed by none other than BMW. The plane looks sleek, comforting, and expensive. Just the thing to help you forget that you’re five miles above the Earth’s surface. Here’s some:

“There are new lighting features and shaping in the cabin,” says A350 chief engineer Dougie Hunter. “We can project onto the ceiling whatever is appropriate for the mood required – for example the night sky or clouds etc.” Hunter says that a concept around the door two area has a bar area and seating for economy.

“In the entrance area there is a dome that that gives us the feeling of spaciousness or openness in the cabin and configured for whatever mood you want to generate,” Hunter says.