Flying The Cuckoo’s Nest

Anne Schroeder, the “Source” half of the “Reliable Source,” has successfully left the building. After turning in her final column, tossing partner Rich Leiby a bone or two for Sunday, and having some cake, Schroeder Crossed the Pond for several days of relaxation before she starts in at Capitol File next week.

Harry Jaffe examined the knowns and the unknowns in the search for new gossip at the Post. No new names out there yet: the Post’s Roxanne Roberts (who writes C3 on Mondays), Roll Call’s Mary Ann Akers, and U.S. News’ Paul Bedard.

As for Schroeder? Well the next time her name appears in the Post, it’ll probably be in bold on C3. What remains to be seen is what the Post will do for this Friday and Saturday, when her column has typically run.

As if this upheaval wasn’t enough for one week, prepare now for this Friday– when the Reliable Source himself will become, well, less reliable. As we’ve said, the world is ending.