Flying iPhone Accessory, AR.Drone Quadricopter, Disassembled

It is not often that we see iFixit feature an accessory as a teardown subject. But, Parrot’s AR.Drone flying iPhone/iPad accessory is definitely an interesting choice for the process.

Parrot AR.Drone Teardown

The AR.Drone is a four rotor quadricopter controlled by an iOS device. It has two cameras (one front facing and one downward facing) to let the remote operator see from the AR.Drone’s view. Some of the more interesting components noted by iFixit are the ultrasound altimeter, 40MHz 16-bit microprocessor, ARM9 468MHz microprocessor, gyroscope, high speed brushless motors (28K to 41.4K RPM) and 640×480 pixel cameras.

You can see my friend Paul Lawler providing a brief demo of an AR.Drone hovering in a radio studio in the video below.