Fly through your reading list with ReadQuick’s speed reader app


Reading is a joy, but sometimes you might need to quickly finish a story for work, and not pleasure. That’s when you might want to reach for ReadQuick, a speed reader for iOS:

ReadQuick displays the articles of your choice one word at a time at a pace you set. It is the only app that teaches you how to speed read while getting through your daily reading.

You can access articles you want to read through our partners like Pocket or find them yourself through the built-in Web browser. You can also choose to read think pieces suggested by our great content partners such as Macworld, Talking Points Memo, Longreads, TechMeme, GigaOm and more. ReadQuick will tell you how long each article will take you to complete based on your words per minute rate.

ReadQuick Speed Reading iOS Application from Wondersauce on Vimeo.

ReadQuick is not for joyful reading or poetry reading. It’s not even something you should use unless you have too much to read and not a lot of time. The app connects with Pocket, Instapaper and Readability and can make online reading convenient, but it’s certainly not time well spent. It doesn’t allow you to enjoy fonts or typographic styling like a typical webpage, but it does have a day/night mode. If you want to track your reading performance, the app also gives you your reading stats.