Flush Your New Japanese Toilet with Your Smartphone

Innovative Japanese toilet makers, Lixil, is proving that the mundane can get interesting with its new bluetooth controlled commodes. The new design and accompanying mobile app, My Satis, allows users to lift lids, flush, and even selects tunes to play from the toilet’s built-in speakers.

Those who have frustratedly danced in front of defective motion sensored toilets might be relieved to be able to use their mobile devices instead. Of course there’s more, My Satis also has a “toilet dairy” option for those who are keen on keeping up with their toiletry habits in order to earn typically cute Japanese symbols for accomplishing toilet goals. One missing feature is the ability to prevent smartphones from dropping into the fancy commodes. Next update?


The app is currently only available for Android, but the product doesn’t launch until next February so there’s plenty of time to develop something for iOS.

Via Mashable