Flurry’s analytics now support HTML5-based apps and games

Flurry, the San Francisco-based mobile analytics and monetization company, is now supporting HTML5-apps and games. The move comes at a time when many developers are starting to explore HTML5 as an easy way to develop for multiple platforms — although we’ve yet to see a runaway hit HTML5 game.

According to Flurry’s president and CEO Simon Khalaf, the move is mostly to accommodate interest from traditional media companies, as demand for HTML5 is only just starting to emerge. While the company does not expect to see HTML5 apps beginning to seriously replace native apps in the foreseeable future, the move puts Flurry in line with rivals like Localytics and Claritics, which also offer HTML5 analytics as part of their services.

Flurry has long made its analytics free in order to accumulate an enviable amount of data on the mobile ecosystem and upsell its community of developers on other products like its iOS video ads network and interstitial ads that re-engage users with apps they’ve already downloaded. Flurry’s last update to its analytics service in came in October, when the company added hourly, time of day and cohort metrics to the service.

According to Flurry, 60,000 developers now use its analytics service in more than 150,000 different apps. The company tracks anonymous user sessions in iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry, JavaME and now HTML5, although that service is still in beta. Developers can sign up for the HTML5 analytics beta on the Flurry website.