Flurry Source 13 stats show mobile shopping up 247 percent, retail apps dominating time

It has been a phenomenal year for mobile social commerce, according to Flurry Analytics. CEO Simon Khalaf shared strong stats at the company’s Source 13 conference this past weekend, including nearly triple growth in e-commerce participation.

Flurry found that time in mobile shopping apps went up 247 percent between December 2011 and December 2012. The stats shared only include iOS and Android apps, so the impact of smaller players like Windows 8 or Blackberry, particularly in developing countries, is unclear.

Overall, users spent 132 percent more time using apps over the past year. Shopping was the third biggest jump behind social (387 percent) and media & entertainment (268 percent).

The fastest growing iOS and Android markets belong to China at 293 percent growth, Vietnam at 269 percent and Colombia at 260 percent. Inside Social Commerce predicted Colombia’s growth last October when we visited Bogota for the Colombia 3.0 expo.

America and China still outstrip other countries in iOS and Android customers, representing 181 million and 167 million active devices, respectively.

When it comes to e-commerce, retail apps are where most users are spending more than one-fourth of their time (27 percent). They spend one-fifth of their time with online marketplaces (20 percent), followed by purchase assistance (17 percent), price comparison (14 percent), daily deals (13 percent) and other miscellaneous categories (9 percent).

The stats show that users are still very interested in branded retail apps, but we think they will expect more from retailers in 2013. We can see the stats shifting more towards third-party online marketplaces if retailers don’t improve their apps to meet higher user expectations.

Khalaf shared stats in gaming and other mobile areas during his presentation. The PowerPoint is available online at Slideshare.