Flurry unites its ads, analytics and user acquisition products with AppSpot, working on real-time advertising exchange

Flurry is bringing its growing lineup of mobile app monetization tools together into a single product called AppSpot.

Announced today, the San Francisco-based company bills AppSpot as an all-in-one monetization platform that uses a single SDK to manage its growing range of ads, analytics and user acquisition tools.

Before AppSpot, most of Flurry’s services used one-off reporting interfaces and developers using multiple Flurry advertising products had to manage each separately. Now with AppSpot, developers can manage a single set of common ad spaces and customize their inventory allocation within it. AppSpot supports multiple advertising sizes and types (interstitials, banners, rich media, video ads, HTML5 and more) and all aspects of Flurry’s AppCircle user acquisition service including clips and its re-engagement campaigns.

Appspot also integrates the company’s analytics suite and allows developers to manage advertising inventory supplied by other networks. Currently AppSpot supports Admob, iAd, Greystripe, inMobi, JumpTap, Millennial and Mobclix, but according to today’s announcement, more networks will be supported in the future.

As part of the news, Flurry also revealed it is working on a real-time advertising bid product that will launch sometime in Q1 2013. Typically billed as alternatives to traditional mobile advertising networks, real-time exchanges allow developers to sell their inventory to potential advertisers through an auction system where the highest bid wins. The move will put Flurry into direct competition with the likes of Nexage and MoPub, both of which operate public bidding services and private “premium” exchanges for select developers and advertisers.

Flurry clients wishing to use AppSpot will need to ensure their apps are compatible with iOS 4.0.6 and Android 3.0.4 or later. Developers who want to learn more about AppSpot can do so here.