Flurry Starts Supporting Incentivized Video Advertising in Mobile Apps

Mobile analytics startup and pay-per-install ad network Flurry said it’s launching AppCircle Clips, a video advertising network that will span across its entire community of mobile developers. This fits in with one of the consistent trends we’ve been hearing about from developers: interstitial and video ads seem to be performing better than the traditional mobile banner.

The company says this will be a way for it to connect higher-end brand advertisers with users of mobile apps on iOS and Android, which are starting to resemble the size of audiences a TV show might attract. Finnish developer Rovio, for example, said earlier this week that Angry Birds is nearing 100 million downloads.

Naturally, video ads will be incentivized — meaning that developers can reward gamers who watch the entire clip with extra virtual currency or goods. They can add even more if users share the clips on Facebook or Twitter.

Flurry will charge advertisers for every completed view that they get, so they won’t have to pay for viewers who drop off two seconds into the video. The move seems to put Flurry in contention with rich media ad networks like Apple’s iAd or Greystripe. Also, the concept isn’t necessarily new; teen-focused social network MyYearbook has been using incentivized views for film trailers for awhile, as have Facebook ad providers like SocialVibe.

Flurry says its analytics or products are in about 70,000 applications on iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7 and J2ME. The company says between these apps, advertisers may be able to reach up to 30 million people.