Fluent Forever App: Foreign Language Acquisition Through Pronunciation Testing

Research shows that with audio testing, a person can acquire an 80% accuracy with foreign language pronunciation skills, compared to 50% accuracy without feedback. Imagine an app that takes advantage of this research: you’re learning a foreign language by listening to words and guessing which words you’re actually hearing – by giving you your guess results immediately, you’ll actually improve your accuracy by 30%. That’s a vast improvement.

Opera singer Gabriel Wyner is taking that research and using it to build an app, that to our surprise and his, does not exist. Wyner’s not foreign to the idea of language acquisition, he often learns proper pronunciation to do his job as an opera singer, but this project goes beyond that. He’s already written a book about learning to learn, and this is where smartphones come in. The app he’s imagining is a simple audio flashcard learning tool for eleven languages. Since beginning his Kickstarter campaign, he’s been able to acquire a donor who’s willing to sponsor another foreign language. That brings the total up to twelve. A donation of $30 will get you access to one of those languages along with a Kindle copy of his Fluent Forever book, which comes out later this fall.

If you don’t want to wait much longer, you can visit his website, where there are plenty of video pronunciation tutorials as well as Wyner’s other language tools.