Flower Garden for the iPhone – Virtual Nature at its Finest

With around 8000 games and apps on the iPhone, it can be difficult to find ones worth downloading, and even then, those worth playing more than a few times. Well, if there is any one type of game (if it can be defined as such) that people visit quite often, it is the one involving virtual pets. We have seen success in such games from the simple virtual Puppy/Kitten app FooPets (by FooMojo) on Facebook to the more complex virtual pet/world Pet Society by Playfish, but Flower Garden takes the basic concepts of virtual caretaking to the iPhone.

Developed by SnappyTouch, the game was developed in about six months, and is certainly one of the more Zen titles for the iPhone. As soon as they enter the app, players plant the seeds of their choosing within their virtual garden, water them, and watch them grow. Some will begin to bloom instantly, while others will require daily care, but regardless of the type, the tactile interface is what makes this game so addictive.

With the touch of a finger, players can peruse through their potted lilies, tiger bells, and starbursts, and if something needs some care, another touch will water them up to health. Even pruning is done with a touch once you’ve selected your garden scissors. However, such cutting of flowers is not for mere management’s sake. In fact, this ties into one of the nicest of the game’s features: Virtual Gifting.

Be it for Valentine’s, a birthday, or just trying to be romantic and sensitive, you can send out virtual, hand-picked bouquets from your very own garden. Once you have cut all the flowers you desire, you can arrange the gift all with a touch or a shake, and even attach a little love note to go with it.

Rumor has it that custom flower hybrids could be on the horizon through cross-pollination. Whether or not this will happen is a bit of a moot point. While any new feature would be fantastic, Flower Garden is already a great app for any iPhone owner. The addition of new mechanics would just make it better.