Florida Radio Station Running Ads Accusing Barack Obama of Ignoring Black Voters

barackobama09.23.08.jpgThe rhetorical battle between Barack Obama and the black press is heating up. According to an article in the Orlando Sentinel, 1590 AM (WPUL) in Daytona, Florida has begun running ads accusing the presidential candidate of not spending enough ad money on black-owned press outlets.

The article quotes Charles W. Cherry II, publisher of The Florida Courier, a statewide black newspaper, who says, “If you want to win by getting black people to vote in the state of Florida, you must actively engage the black community’s political culture. A large part of this culture is black-owned media.” Cherry’s family also owns 11 radio stations and The Daytona Press.

Polls show John McCain leading Obama in the swing state, although the Democratic nominee is expected to win 85 percent to 92 percent of the black vote in the general election.