Florida Governor's Town Hall Will Plug Into Facebook

Florida Governor Rick Scott's question-and-answer session tonight plugs his website into Facebook.

Florida Republican Governor Rick Scott is calling his event tonight a town hall on Facebook, even though it’s not happening on the social network.

While other Republicans have livestreamed themselves on Facebook, Scott’s event simply includes a plug-in on the governor’s official site.
The half-hour event is supposed to begin at 7:15 pm eastern standard time.
His site has a banner across the top declaring, “Facebook Town Hall,” and beneath that you can see the new comments plugin, which enables you to post a question for the governor using your account on the social network.
The half-hour town hall is supposed to also incorporate questions from constituents on Twitter as well.
Presumably calling it a Facebook town hall gets more attention for the governor than if he labeled the event a website meeting that has social plugins. Notice that he’s not calling it a Twitter town hall.
Readers, what do you think about how Florida’s governor is publicizing his forthcoming town hall?