Flogos: Branding by Air


By way of Design Info, we found this little bit of funny: Flogos. We looked it up and saw that it’d been making the rounds a bit on blogs overseas, in foreign languages, so if you haven’t heard of it over here in the US, then we feel we’ve done our part in spreading the word of absurdity. There’s really nothing more to Flogos than this: balloon logos. They’re custom-made, supposedly-environmentally safe balloons, built to resemble silhouettes of your logo, that are launched into the air and spread brand awareness to a wide variety of birds, high-rise apartment dwellers, and fish, when the land in the sea. Their site is a fun to maneuver around and we look forward to the day when this sort of advertising is gigantic and we’re assaulted by Flogo’s sky branding by day and Spacevertising’s asteroid advertising by night.