Flo TV Looking for an Exit Strategy: My Commentary on it for the Past Year

In August 2009, I spoke with FloTV’s head of programming in Podcast 33 because I did not understand who the market was for smartphone TV viewing experience that cost $15 per month.
Podcast 33: FloTV Streaming TV Programs-Jonathan Barzilay, Head of Programming
By November, the rest of the U.S. apparently had the same question because FloTV/AT&T dropped the price to $10 per month.
FloTV/AT&T Dropping Mobile TV Subscription Price From $15 to $10 Per Month
I commented then that: I interviewed FloTV’s Head of Programming, Jonathan Barzilay, back in August of this year. I wanted to speak with someone from FloTV because I had never seen anyone actually watching this kind of subscription TV programming on a mobile phone. My guess is that the main reason for this is that FloTV capable phones require special hardware and that these special hardware is only on a few feature phones.
Flash forward to today and we learn that:
Qualcomm Is Talking To Potential Acquirers For Struggling FLO TV Group
It looks like my questions about whether there was a market for Flo TV were on target.