Flo Joins Facebook! Diner Dash Launches As A Facebook Game

Diner Dash, one of the earliest and most popular casual restaurant-management games, has launched on Facebook as a social game.

The game, which is being released by PlayFirst, revolves around ensuring that the various patrons that come into your restaurant are served in time. We’ve seen this game mechanic on games like Cafe World and Restaurant City, but Diner Dash has a particularly ‘arcade’ quality to it, in that it’s less about setting things in motion and waiting and more about actively taking care of patrons yourself, with your mouse, as they stream in the door.

The game is a classic and was a huge hit for PlayFirst before this whole “social game” thing started overshadowing casual games. That said, some of the early screenshots hint that this is a true social game, with friend sharing and competing elements, and if we can trust the smart folks over at PlayFirst, I’m sure that it will not be just a simple port.

Infinity Meta Map with Friends

According to PlayFirst: Flo will have even more activities and surprises in the coming weeks and months to ensure Mr. Big stays banished from DinerTown Park, so stay tuned for more features to be added on an ongoing basis including restaurant star ratings, restaurant upgrades, custom decorations, among other additions. For more information, visit playfirst.com or the Diner Dash Facebook page at http://apps.facebook.com/diner-dash.