Flipzu for Android & iPhone: Voice Broadcast Via Facebook & Twitter

In a mobile world seemingly focused on video, Flipzu is a bit of a throwback by focusing on real-time streaming audio to friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. Flipzu provides free apps for Android and iPhone that can streams and records audio using a 3G or WiFi connection. A link is provided on Facebook or Twitter that launches a web based player. A comment window below the real-time audio player provides real-time interaction. You could, for example, respond to questions or comments that people type during your audio broadcast. Broadcast audio is stored in your Flipzu.com account. It can be played back any time after the broadcast is completed by using the original link posted to Twitter or Facebook. It can, of course, also be found on Flipzu.com itself.

The screenshot above shows what the Flipzu link looks like as a Facebook status update. This update is posted automatically at the start of a Flipzu broadcast.

You can find the free Flipzu apps for iPhone and Android via the links provided below:

Flipzu (iTunes App Store)