FlipShare Video Content Deleted on June 12, 2011

When the first Flip Video camera went on sale in 2006, it was quite an amazing little device. It provide good quality video at a high resolution (640×480) with excellent sound quality priced much less than the digital video and digital solid state video cameras of the time. A mere five years later, it is all shutting down. The cameras are no longer manufactured and the FlipShare.com site will shut down on June 12.

Cisco phasing out FlipShare: 30 days to save your videos

Cisco has a knowledge base page about the site shutdown here:

Important Updates for FlipShare

Video which was shared directly from FlipShare.com (via Twitter for example) will not be available starting June 12. Video files which were uploaded to Facebook or YouTube will remain there and viewable.

If you have not downloaded the most current version of the FlipShare software for Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OS X (release date Nov. 27, 2010), you might want to do so by visiting Cisco’s FlipShare download page.

FlipShare software